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Being young or The way I learned to dance

A film by Francesco Pipparelli and Georgina Bolt
From four poetry pieces I wrote about being young, with the support of the Izazov! team, I created a text. Probably a metaphor of what being young and feeling oppressed means, but at the same time, with irony, there’s always the opportunity to smile, also while we’re falling. If we dance while we enjoy the ride.


I’m a young person interested in arts, and experience in theatre, poetry, radio, music and contact improvisation. With a BA in Communications (University of Florence and  Erasmus semester at Toulouse School of Management), I am now working for The Human Hive in Brighton (UK), an NGO focusing on non-formal education, human rights and social change.

In recent years I have been involved in a number of youth programmes across Europe (funded by Erasmus+) providing support in communications, logistics and social media strategy. 

The film I’ve made for IZAZOV! is the first visual artistic experiment I’ve ever made, bringing together my poetry with a vision for developing skills in filmmaking as a tool for expression.

The Place where Sky Kissed the Earth

A film by Bahtijara Hodžić
The film is about Tuzla, city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It used be a developed industrial city, proud of its multiethnic existence. Even during the time of overwhelming ethnic nationalist policies, Tuzla never accepted anything that separated people. The film is about the struggles of the city, and the question whether Tuzla maintained the spirit of openness in a country which is in a long-lasting crisis?!


Put down your weapons and be compassionate. Kill ’em with kindness.

Šta onda?

A film by Hana Hasanefendić
The film is a youthful, rebellious and cynical critique of B&H’s national mentality. From the very beginning the film criticizes the way our youthful generations were raised.
The film ridicules the way generations have been raised in the country, however sincerely questions the outcomes of having a careless, and corrupted nation. Although the film begins as a critique, it ends with an open question left to be interpreted by every young individual in the country.
Every generation has their own share of time, but one day our time will come, too!


A 20-year old student of Management, at the faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at International Burch University, with a camera in hand, and enormous love for visual storytelling.

Wild Horses

A film by Berina Porča
Three stories of people coping with the absence of their loved ones, who left Bosnia to look for a better life.


A dreamer and a wanna-be world traveler, forever passionate about film and aesthetics.